Lane 8's Seminal Mixtape Series Returns - Summer 2017

Lane 8's Seminal Mixtape Series Returns - Summer 2017

In preparation of Summer Gatherings, Lane 8 Drops Part 1 of 2 of The Summer Mixtape


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Lane 8 has released the next volume in what is undoubtedly one of the most adored mixtape series in house music these days. The Summer Mixtape 2017 clocks in at 2 hours, and serves as the first installment of a two part, gargantuan, 5 hour journey - with each one representing one of the two sets he will be playing at this This Never Happened Summer Gatherings. 

A set of four extended daytime parties building on his 'no cell phones' This Never Happened show concept from last year, the Summer Gatherings will see Lane 8 playing an exclusive opening warm-up set, before handing over to Anjunadeep’s Luttrel who will take the reigns before Lane 8’s three hour closing set. 

Deep, melodic and mood-setting, the first instalment of his 2017 summer mixtape serves as an insight into the deeper end of Lane 8’s unique deep house sound - one which has crafted out a niche for Lane 8 as one of North America's go-to DJs and producers for the genre. 


“The response to our This Never Happened tour last year completely blew me away. The shows were among my favorite club experiences ever - and to see you all embrace the concept and make those shows so incredible was one of the proudest moments of my career. I truly feel that we developed a connection with music and each other that needs to be built upon and nurtured.

I've had a little dream of doing a series of extended daytime events since we launched the TNH concept. So, this summer, we are excited to bring TNH back, with a twist, for the Summer Gatherings - three extended daytime parties in three unique locations with an extra focus on positivity, character and atmosphere.

I’ve always felt there’s a special magic that comes together at the best daytime events, so my team and I have been searching high and low for locations that have that unique and positive vibe. I'm really excited to announce the first three - the stunning outdoor Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Colorado, the outdoor courtyard of The Well in Brooklyn and an amazing warehouse space in San Francisco.

Each has its own unique character and vibe, and we’ll be putting in extra touches to make the events even more special.

We’re also changing the format of the events to create a more expanded musical journey. I'll start each of these shows with a 2 hour warmup set - then our special guest Luttrell will take over, before a 3 hour closing set from me. 

- Daniel/Lane 8

Check out the ‘This Never Happened Summer Gathering’ dates below:

TNH Colorado @ Mishawaka Amphitheater: Saturday 29th July

TNH NYC @ The Well: Saturday 9th September

TNH SF @ Secret Warehouse: Saturday 23rd September

TNH SF @ Secret Warehouse: Sunday 24th September